Melissa Toyos, MD

RED IN THE FACE: Calming rosacea

Adult acne, sensitive irritable skin, pink cheeks are all signs of  Rosacea.

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that commonly presents in lighter skinned individuals and is characterized by the appearance of small or moderate sized capillaries within the skin that become inflamed or red with certain triggers like wine, spicy foods, topical medicines or sun exposure.

While most agree that rosacea is inflammatory in nature, few agree on the specific triggers. One factor may be the naturally occurring mite Demodex has been postulated as a cause of ocular rosacea causing dry eye. Like ocular rosacea, many people have Demodex but only some may be hypersensitive to it.   Anti-parasitic medications like tea tree oil and ivermectin may be helpful.  Toyos Clinic has been utilizing light treatments that  eradicate Demodex like Intense Pulse Light and Light Emitting Diodes.

Like ocular rosacea causing dry eye, IPL  has also been used to close the abnormal blood vessels, stopping the leaking of inflammatory mediators that can perpetuate the cycle of inflammation.  It also has the benefit of increasing collagen production within skin and boosting the thickness of skin lessening the appearance of the vessels or telengiectasias.

Because sun exposure damages collagen and can cause thinning of skin, it makes sense that it was recently found to be the biggest external risk factor in the development of telengiectasias but they can also be genetic, too. 

What to do?  Some of the easiest diet modifications are using a strong concentrated marine sourced omega 3 to supplement diets and to reduce alcohol, carbohydrates and sugar to reduce inflammation within the body. We recommend Toyos Clinic brand Power Eye supplements for dry eye and also skin inflammation.

Skin products must be used carefully to reduce the risk of increasing inflammation but should target building collagen: retinols and collagen building products can be used as well MixtoRescue to reduce redness and irritation in the skin.

One of the best treatments I have found for rosacea is the MIXTO laser. MIXTO uses heat and light to create channels within the skin, and the heat generated within the skin immediately seals off the abnormal blood vessels with even just one treatment.  Although it is likely that the vessels will return at some point, anecdotally, some of my rosacea patients have enjoyed clear complexions for over a year.  Call Toyos Clinic today to discuss the best possible regimen for your problem skin. 615.327.4015.

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