MIXTO Laser Lift for Droopy Eyelids

Melissa Toyos, MD

Dr. Melissa Toyos has Mixto Laser Lift for Droopy Eyelids research accepted by ISOPT

Improved Method for treating Droppy EyeLids

We are honored that the premier international eye research organization has accepted original research by Dr. Melissa Toyos, Facial Cosmetic Surgeon. ISOPT stands for International Symposium on Ocular Pharmacology andTherapeutics. It's where researchers come from all over the world to talk about the latest ideas in retina, basic sciences, glaucoma, infection, inflammation, innovation and external eye. External eye encompasses dry eye topics that Dr Rolando Toyos will be presenting on as well as oculoplastics where my research was accepted.

This year I submitted original research on my work with the mixto laser lid lift. The Wall Street Journal recently predicted that the fractional CO2 laser will make face lifts, Botox and fillers obsolete and my research indicates that it will make traditional lid lifts obsolete as well.

The old way to do upper and lower lid lifts was with an electro cautery, a handheld device that used electricity to cut lid tissues and heat them up to control bleeding. It was an improvement over "cold steel" or scalpel method but was inferior to the mixto laser lid lift when I looked at rates of bruising, lid swelling and time to healing.

The MIXTO laser lid lift uses laser energy to cut tissues precisely and because it delivers superheated energy into the skin that stop bleeding before it starts, the rate of bruising is almost zero. The result of this technology is less bruising and faster healing than the electro cautery or the scalpel meaning that patients are "photo ready" faster than any other technology.

Patients with droopy lids love the fact that bruising around the eyes ("raccoon eyes") that used to be a dead giveaway for lid surgery is now almost non-existent. In fact, Mixto laser lid lifts can be undetectable within a few days or behind glasses. Having less lid swelling means that not only to people look more natural even right after surgery but there is also less dry eye following lid surgery when the lids are too swollen to open and close properly. Having faster healing times means people can get back to their lives faster - only now with natural looking, refreshed looking eyes. And who wouldn't want that?

My original research shows that Mixto laser lift is less likely to cause bruising and swelling and that patients heal faster from Mixto lid surgery than other older methods of lid surgery. We love being on the edge of cutting technology at Toyos Clinic

If you or someone you love has tired, droopy eyelids, check out the Mixto laser lid lift for the most advanced method of lid correction available.

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