Dr. Melissa's take on breakups and facial cosmetic surgery

Melissa Toyos, MD

A Cosmetic Surgeon's view of all these Celebrity Breakups


First it was Jen and Ben.  Then everyone was talking about Miranda and Blake and now the headlines are Reba and Narvel, Gwen and Gavin.   A lot of our favorite celebrity couples have called it quits this year for one reason or another.  Breakups happen.

People seek cosmetic surgery for many reasons.  Some because of happy things: weddings, graduations, reunions and post-baby touchups. Some to deal with issues that have bothered them for a long time like droopy or puffy lids and then there are some people that come because a life change like divorce is changing the way they look at themselves or their lives.

The great majority of people that seek cosmetic surgery have realistic expectations about what procedures can do for them and no one should expect an injection or surgery to change their relationships.  But I have seen cosmetic surgery do 3 things:

1. Take control of your appearance and your life.  During a breakup, there is a lot of uncertainly and loss of control. Amy Poehler wrote about her divorce in her book “Yes, please” that it felt “like throwing everything you loved up in the air and then just watching to see where and how everything landed.” People come in to fix specific problems cosmetically and often feel empowered to make
2. To be supported.  Breakups can be very vulnerable times and people often feel hurt and rejected. Sometimes during breakups, some of the women I have treated feel like they have spent years taking care of everyone but themselves.  Cosmetic surgery can be one way to signal to yourself and to the world that you are valuable and worth caring for. Women often come in groups to encourage and support each other “You deserve this!”
3. To make yourself feel better. Stress takes its toll on your body and your complexion.  Late night fights, loss of sleep and crying jags show up as circles, sallow complexions and lines.  Remember when your mom told you to smile even if you were unhappy? Looking better can do the same thing – people respond better to you and pretty soon, it is a self-perpetuating cycle.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t a cure all for relationship problems but if you’re having a tough time, it can sometimes be just what you need to take the edge off. And Miranda and Reba? If you’re reading this, come on in.  We will be happy to contribute any way we can to your healing – this one’s on us.

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