Secret Acne Weapon

Melissa Toyos, MD

Acne is such a drag.  It can hit at any time, not just the teenage years.  The reasons behind acne are complex. Certainly, hormone play a factor during puberty and surprisingly, in pre and perimenopausal women as well.  Acne can be related to sweat and/or any products or garments that trap sweat or oils.

How do you keep your face clean and clear?  One of the easiest ways is with the extremely portable iScience MultiHA pads. These pads are designed to be used daily or weekly as needed to help prevent and treat acne-prone skin. The textured pads ensure that every trace of leftover makeup, sweat and oil is removed after a session at the gym or a full day at work or school.

 MultiHA by iScience contains a combination of high potency alpha (glycolic and lactic) and beta (salicylic) hydroxyacids that can help to exfoliate dead superficial skin preventing pore clogging and smooth out your complexions.  As an added bonus, they enhance the penetration of all of your other products by getting those dead skin cells out of the way.

Salicylic acid also reduces the inflammation associated with acne and pro-actively treats acne lesions. Inflammation is associated with premature aging and is often exacerbated by products like benzoyl peroxide which can thin and age skin or by harsh retinoids that cause redness and peeling. 

 To combat irritation and inflammation, MultiHA pads contain the mother of all anti-oxidants, green tea, to soothe and protect skin from free radicals and eucalyptus extract, which is naturally anti-inflammatory.

MultiHA pads work great on their own, but can be part of an acne regimen that includes our best anti-acne cleanser, ClearCleanse and Retinol to modulate oil production and cell turnover. Another secret weapon we have at Toyos Clinic is our Emergency Pimple Treatment with intense pulsed light.  Beloved by Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders and beauty queens everywhere, just a few strategic pulses of light can kill more than 90% of pimple causing bacteria and reduce inflammation in just seconds. Most acne lesions will be significantly improved within 24 hours, especially with a topical antibiotic/anti-inflammatory.  If you can’t get into Toyos Clinic, our Q at home light device is also effective at helping to naturally kill the bacteria responsible for blemishes within skin with no irritation or side effects.

 Acne doesn’t have to get you down, when you have the power of iScience at your fingertips.  Call today for your free consultation or go online at to find the products that are right for you.

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