Power Eye Macula – Vitamins for Your Vision

Melissa Toyos, MD

We’ve got definitive proof that people with moderate to advanced macular degeneration can help to preserve their vision by taking eye vitamins. Macular degeneration often runs in families, it’s more common in men and we know that smoking and high blood pressure make it worse.

But what if it runs in your family? What can you do to prevent it? What if it doesn’t run in your family but you don’t want it or just want the best vision you can have? Power Eye macular vitamins can help with all those situations. It is a comprehensive formula based on the latest research of compounds and nutrients to maintain vision and visual function.

Ideally, you could eat a wheelbarrow cart full of green, leafy and other types of vegetables.  This would go a long way in helping you provide the right types and amounts of nutrients and micronutrients needed for eye health.  What’s that you say? No time or inclination to eat bushels of kale? Power Eye makes it easy.

Power Eye is a gluten free, vegetarian capsule that contains high doses of anti-oxidants like beta-carotene (also known as Vitamin A), Vitamin E and Vitamin C (also recently proven to help protect against cataract development). Power Eye also contains Vitamin B6, B12, selenium, and zinc. It delivers the lutein and zeaxanthin that is responsible for helping to maintain healthy pigment levels in the back of eye and seems to improve night vision and contrast sensitivity (the ability to distinguish details in low or dim light). In one study, the addition of these last two micronutrients helped Air Force pilots (known to have exceptionally good vision) improve their contrast sensitivity when these supplements were taken for 90 days.

For this reason, I recommend it to athletes, pilots, people with early development of cataracts, people who have or are concerned about the development of macular degeneration, and people who just want to see better than the best glasses, contacts or LASIK can give them.

Power Eye contains some natural ingredients too like Eyebright, Bilberry and Quercetin – natural anti-oxidants that add to the effectiveness of the formula.

Power Eye is not right for everyone. Patients who are currently smoking or who have a history of smoking should not take Power Eye or any supplement with increased levels of Vitamin A as it can increase the incidence of lung cancer. Available only at Toyos Clinic, ask your doctor today if Power Eye might be right for you.


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