MIXTOMoist – the right moisturizer for acne prone skin

Melissa Toyos, MD

MIXTOMoist is one of our newest moisturizers. Because people have different skin types and moisture needs, our iScience line contains a variety of moisturizers for different skin needs and environments.

 MIXTOMoist is made to be free of oils for acne-prone and combination skins to prevent the clogging of pores. One of the biggest myths in skin care is that those with acne prone skin should avoid moisturizers to avoid worsening breakouts.

Not true.  Many medications used for acne (benzoyl, retinoids, toners even some antibiotics) will overly dry skin causing skin to become inflamed, which can trigger the body to further overproduce oil.  In these situations, the key to a achieving healthy complexion is striking the right balance of moisture levels with products that won’t exacerbate the situation.

 Acne breakouts don’t just happen in teenage years. Many people are surprised to experience a resurgence in breakouts well past high school.  This can be due to hormonal factors, stress, pollution and even ingestion of too much soy. Because skin naturally becomes drier with age and less able to retain the moisture it does have, it is critical to treat it with a product that can moisturize while also protecting skin from the aging process. MIXTOMoist is uniquely designed for these skin situations.

MIXTOMoist is not only oil free, but it is also free of fragrances and preservatives, making it one of my go-to products for post-procedure skin. It contains peptides to protect precious collagen in your skin from breaking down after everyday exposure to sun, stress and pollution. Peptides also act to enhance collagen production like retinoids without the potential for irritation. Without utilizing oils, MIXTOMoist relies on lipids naturally found in our skin like ceramides and cholesterol to form a moisture barrier and rehydrate skin.

MIXTOMoist is uniquely designed to provide a natural lipid barrier to nourish skin and prevent evaporation(making it especially useful in wintertime and low humidity climates) while avoiding oils that could clog pores and contribute to breakouts.  It does double duty by including helpful anti-aging peptides. It has so many things you want with none of the things you don’t like unnecessary fragrances or chemicals. It might be the perfect moisturizer for you.

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