Summer Written All Over Your Face?

Melissa Toyos, MD

Summer Written All Over Your Face?

Summer’s here and that means outdoor activities, beach trips, freckles and age spots, right? Not necessarily. It’s true that UV rays are responsible for photodamage including increased and clumping of pigment that can cause age spots and freckles, but aging by itself makes us more prone to uneven pigmentation. The unevenness of a complexion is a subconscious signal to our brains that someone is older than they truly are.

So if you need to even out a freckled or uneven complexion, how do you start? The fastest and easiest way to use iScience Skin Brightening Pads. They combine 3 separate skin brighteners for the skin without using hydroxyquinone, which is effective in skin lightening but has been linked to potential health hazards. Hydroxyquinone has been banned in Europe for many years and America has been considering a ban for some time.

IScience skin brightening pads contain kojic acid which inactivates the enzyme responsible for pigment production and works in a completely different way than hydroxyquinone. The Skin Brightening Pads also contain strong doses of topical anti-oxidants . Topical Vitamin C has been clinically shown to brighten skin by reducing the production of melanin already being produced in the skin and does double duty as a strong anti-aging treatment.

We also included the mother of all anti-oxidants, Green Tea Extract, to further brighten, soothe and treat photoaged skin. But that’s not all. Because hydroxyacids have been shown to enhance the removal of dull, damaged skin and improve the penetration of skin brightening agents, we mixed in both lactic and salicylic acids in to create a maximally effective method of removing sun damage with single application daily.

For tough to treat cases of hyperpigmentation, we know that iScience Retinol is synergistic with kojic acid which means that both together work better than either one separately. If you still have pigment problems after using that regimen for 90 days or longer, MIXTOLaserLift is the most effective way to break up pigment clumps within the skin, used in conjunction with skin brightening pads and retinol both before and after the procedure. We have been successful in treating even tough cases of melasma (pigment associated with pregnancy) with this method.

Whether you have a little pigment problem or something that’s bigger and tougher to deal with, we have solutions to help you find a smooth, even-toned complexion that will help you look your best. Call Toyos Clinic today for a free consultation or check out our website for the products that are right for you.

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