New Skin Care Product from iScience at Toyos Clinic - TCA Gloss

Melissa Toyos, MD

“Takes the place of 4 products” “People were stopping me on the street to ask me what I was doing for my face.”  These are the types of comments I routinely get from patients when I prescribe the new TCA Gloss iScience product for facial retexturing.

TCA Gloss is a uniquely designed product perfect to wipe away summertime sun damage and to rebuild aging skin from the inside out. It contains TCA (trichloracetic acid) a strong facial rejuvenating agent normally reserved only for doctor’s offices and/or operating rooms.  By removing one water molecule chemically, pharmaceutical scientists have been able to deliver the power of TCA to you in a product safe enough to use everyday at home.

TCA Gloss doesn’t stop there, it also contains 3 of the most powerful, scientifically proven topical antioxidants for anti-aging.  In addition to the patented anhydrous TCA, this iScience product also delivers retinol (vitamin A), vitamin C and vitamin B3 to improve the texture and tone skin. You will see and feel a difference in your skin within 2 months.

I recommend this product to people new to skin care for a jumpstart on anti-aging and to beauty junkies to further refine the look of their skin.  Because it combines so many products in one, it is terrific for travel or for just clearing off space on your counter.

iSCience products use pharmaceutical chemistry to mix not one, not two, but three strong anti-aging products into one delivery system.  iScience products are formulated according to strict standards of purity, potency and stability to maximize your results. Normally 150, TCA Gloss is 100 for a short time.  Call Toyos Clinic today to save 50 dollars on TCA Gloss today by mentioning this blog. Toyos Clinic, Nashville, Franklin and Skyline Hospital 615.327.4015

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