Best Way to Wash your Face - Wash this Way

Melissa Toyos, MD

Wash this Way: The Best Way to Clean Your Skin

It’s a question I get all the time: What should I be doing to wash my face? How do I choose the best product for me?  Some of my patients are using over the counter products, things they find at Sephora, sometimes it’s soap and sometimes, they confess, nothing at all.

Not everyone needs or wants a bathroom full of facial products, but almost everyone could benefit from a good cleanser used once or twice a day. Everyday our skins come in contact with a variety of environmental factors that can lead to inflammation that can expedite the aging process. Cleansers are the cornerstone of daily skin care and  in many cases, a good cleanser can be all that is needed to polish a complexion, clear acne or to even out a complexion. In every case, a good cleanser can improve both the moisture content and the effectiveness of any other product that you are using.

Toyos Clinic carries a variety of cleansers.  MIXTOCleanse is the ideal cleanser for post-procedure care like MIXTOLaserLift , MIXTOLite, photo facials and microdermabrasion.  It’s also the cleanser of choice for patients with sensitive skin and patients with rosacea.

AlphaBeta Cleanser contains natural alpha and beta hydroxyacids to gently exfoliate oily and aging skins. These compounds naturally melt away the connections between old dead skin cells and literally allow you to rinse them away. Once the dead skin cells are removed, your skin will look smoother, softer and plumper since it naturally retains more moisture once the old dead layer is no longer present to repel moisture.

ClearCleanse is the best cleanser for acne-prone skins or skin with extensive sun damage.  It contains stronger naturally occurring hydroxyacids and an additional exfoliator to correct blemish prone complexions. I’ve seen many cases that this single product was all that was needed to correct acne. One of my favorite stories was a pageant queen who had a bathroom drawer full of over the counter acne products that she threw out once she started using ClearCleanse – she said she couldn’t live without.

How often should you cleanse?  For dry skin, I recommend a gentle cleanser just once daily. Normal and oily skins usually benefit from a morning and evening cleanser. Water should be body temperature, not too cold or too hot to avoid irritation or aggravating rosacea tendencies.

Interim cleaning can be helpful after a strenuous workout session or anything else that can cause sweating. For these situations, I prefer our MultiHA pads.  They are portable and are a quick and easy way to clear sweat, oil and bacteria from the skin especially from the acne prone hairline area.

Picking a cleanser is important and but Toyos Clinic makes it easy.  We offers a variety of cleansers for every skin type. 

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