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Melissa Toyos, MD

3 Characteristics of Aging Skin or Why I Can’t Live Without MIXTOHydrate

Car keys, iPhone, MIXTOHydrate.  That’s the list of things I run through in my mind every time I leave the house.  A week ago, I tried MIXTOHydrate for the first time and it immediately transformed my face.  My eyes were softened and fine lines were gone. Like gone, gone. My lips went from dry and slightly flaky to the plump bee-stung look I’ve been admiring in actress Margot Robbie (she played Leo DiCaprio’s wife in Wolf of Wall Street). I would say that it took years off my face but it was more than that.  My skin was dewy, soft. It didn’t just LOOK younger, it WAS younger.

Why?  To understand what makes MIXTOHydrate so special, it helps to know what is happening inside aging skin. One of the biggest changes that occurs in skin as it ages (and to a lesser extent in the winter or dry environments) is the loss of our skin’s ability to attract and retain moisture. As early as our 30’s we slow our production of the hyaluronic acid and some amino acids that not only plumps skin but acts as a sponge, pulling water in and holding it there. Without it,  our skin looks thinner,  less “plump” and dries out more easily. Hyaluronic acid can be replaced topically (it has been hard to get much in just by putting it on the skin). It is more easily put into the skin by injecting fillers like Juvederm to replace what has been lost.

Aging skin loses not only water content, but also lipids and fat .  Statistically, in our adult lives we lose about 65% of the lipids in our skin that were present in our twenties.  This is not only a loss of volume or fat in our faces, but also a change in the character and texture of skin to that  skin is dryer, more prone to irritation, wrinkling and looks less healthy, less “juicy.”

Losing moisture content contributes to overall thickness of skin which is the last characteristic we will discuss today. It is normal for skin to thin out progressively over your adult life. Thinner, less tight skin is prone to brusing, texture changes and is less capable of resisting gravity. The change of life with hormonal fluctuations and loss of estrogen dramatically accelerates this process.  Thinning skin tends to be most noticeable in the face, neck, chest, hands and forearms.  We lose on average 6.4% of our total skin thickness with every passing decade. It only takes a few decades to really notice the changes.

So why isMIXTOHydrate different from every other moisturizer on the planet?   MIXTOHydrate is the first moisturizer to pair acetyl-hexapeptide-37 and other peptides with hyaluronic acid to allow the hyaluronic acid to penetrate deeper into the skin than other products where it can literally hydrate the skin from the inside out.  One application of MIXTOHydrate will more than double your own skin hydration within 8 hours.  Clinical studies show an unprecedented 131% increase in skin hydration 8 hours after using. With daily use, the same study showed that you can triple your skin’s moisture content within 56 days. 

MIXTOHydrate also contains shea butter, squalene (natural lipid found in healthy young skin cells) and ceramides to lock in the moisture which result in long-lasting dewy, healthy complexions that have to be seen to be believed.

Harness the power of water to naturally replace and restore lost moisture in your skin.  MIXTOHydrate is light enough to use everyday under makeup and strong enough to use in the dead of winter to prevent dry, flaky and deflated skin. One final tip:  put it all over your face and watch specifically what it does to your eye area and to your lips.  It is the only topical product I have ever seen that gives results similar to that of injectibles like Botox and Juvederm. Mention that you saw the blog and receive $20 off MIXTOHydrate.  Call Toyos Clinic 615.327.4015.

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