Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles Treatment

Melissa Toyos, MD

Dark undereye circles can be the result of a variety of problems.  Not enough sleep, allergy and genetic tendencies are the ones I see the most.

What’s the best way to get rid of them?  Get to the heart of the matter. Having a nice even skin tone under eyes makes you look younger, happier and more refreshed.  IScience Dual Action Intensive Dark Circle Repair targets 2 of the most common causes of undereye circles to help you brighten this sensitive area with a combination of brighteners including kojic acid and vitamin C, peptides, vitamin E and green tea.   Use 1-2 times daily to lighten, lift and smooth undereyes.

This time of year also brings a multitude of pollens, grasses and tree bloom that can cause allergic “shiners.”  For patients that suffer with allergy, I often recommend starting with an over the counter antihistamine like Zyrtec or Claritin and I will add in prescription strength topical eye drops or nasal sprays as needed.

Undereye circles can also result from pigment changes when people chronically rub their itchy eyes.  This can be remedied by fixing the allergy first (usually prescription strength eye drop) and then Dual Action Intensive Dark Circle cream with retinol or IPL.

After 40, shadows can form as the skin loses its elasticity and tone.  Plumping the area with a strong hyaluronic acid mixed with peptides can help (MIXTOHydrate – 150). Juvederm can be injected into tear trough area (prices vary) and for a more definitive solution, the MIXTO can be used under eyes for a dramatic skin tightening in that delicate area (MIXTO undereye – 500).  MIXTO works to not only tighten up loose skin but also thickens the skin with new collagen to reduce the look of dark circles and bags.

We’re making April “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Month.”  Call today for 20 dollars off your iScience Undereye Dark Circle cream and 50 dollars off MIXTO undereye treatment.

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