Hydropeptide Gel – More than a Moisturizer

Melissa Toyos, MD

The reason that HydraPeptide Gel is such a popular skin iScience skin product is because it is a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid gel infused with vitamins B3, B5 and peptides.  It is a unique formulation designed to not only enhance skin moisture but also to naturally improve the appearance of fine lines and dry skin.

 Patients love it because your skin literally drinks it in.  It disappears immediately into the skin without any residue or heavy feeling.  It’s great for those just getting started on a beauty routine and for younger patients (especially 20 year olds) who want skin care that looks and feels natural.

 Hyaluronic acid functions like a sponge in skin. It attracts and retains moisture making your skin look and feel dewy and vibrant. HydraPeptide gel also contains two different types of peptides that jumpstart the cells inside your skin that naturally make collagen and elastin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out.

 You don’t have to be 20 for this to be a perfect product for you.  I also use it as part of my Red Carpet Ready kit, stacking it with two other moisturizers to make you look and feel 20 if you aren’t already. My Red Carpet Ready kit consists of a first layer of Hydropeptide, followed by MixtoHydrate (doubles skin’s moisture content after just 8 hours) and lastly, topped off with a layer of MixtoSilc to lock in all that juicy moisture. Red Carpet Ready is perfect for events, aging skin or for fighting wintertime or very dry skin.  Post-procedure skin can benefit from this maximal moisture combination as well.

 But that’s not all….HydraPeptide Gel also contains two separate compounds designed to inhibit skin enzymes generated by stress, pollution and UV light that break down collagen and elastic fibers within the skin.  Collagen and elastin are responsible for the thick, healthy look of younger skin and for helping your skin fight the effects of gravity.  Supporting the production of these fibers and fighting their breakdown is a smart way to help your skin stay looking younger longer.

 Did I mention that we also blended in the Mother of All Anti-Oxidants – Green Tea? I believe strongly in making your skin care work for you and HydraPeptide is one of our richest combinations of highly effective skin care ingredients.

 HydraPeptide is water-based, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic. It is appropriate to use it under make-up, sunscreen or other products and is safe for acne-prone and sensitive skins.  Call Toyos Clinic today 615.327.4015 to try HydroPeptide Gel or to learn more about our iScience products.

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