Antioxidant Sun Protection 30

Melissa Toyos, MD

Everybody knows that you have to wear sunscreen at the beach, but many of us pack it away with the rest of our summer gear when fall arrives. It’s true that you get more cumulative UV exposure in a thong bikini on a beach near the equator than you do covered up on a cold, gray fall day but UV rays –especially the aging UVA rays - are year round. UVA rays are the ones that don’t burn the skin but do cause skin cancer, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Apart from smoking, unprotected sun exposure is the single most aging thing that can happen to skin and if there is light, there is sun—and sun damage. I always tell my patients, if you can have one product on a deserted island, let it be sunscreen. (#2 needs to be retinol)

It takes 8-10 hours of winter sun on average, to equal one summertime hour. But those hours add up over a lifetime. Sun damage can occur anytime you are outside but don’t forget that UV rays cross windows too at home, at work and in the car. The best sunscreen, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, is one that contains two physical blocks like zinc or titanium. Zinc and titanium have the added advantage of not being potential hormone disruptors, like oxybenzone and benzophenone.

The best sunscreens, like MIXTOSheer, Antioxidant Sunless Bronzer (preferred by many Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders) and Anti-Oxidant Sun Protection contain zinc, titanium and a transparent melanin that captures UV rays before they have a chance to get to your skin. Not only that, but they also contain primers that smooth complexions, fill wrinkles and hydrates all in one. That would be enough, right? But we were able to add collagen building Vitamin C, E and stabilize it all with ferulic acid. All in a DHA free formula that is odor free and goes beautifully under makeup.

It’s easy to fit sunscreen into your daily routine when one product protects, primes, moisturizes, actively builds collagen, and can serve as a stand alone sheer tint or a canvas for full makeup every day. One pump and you’ve done your good deed for yourself for the day. Try the MIXTOSheer for a light tint, Anti –Oxidant Sun Protection Complex 30 for more color or the Antioxidant Sunless Bronzer for some winter color. All iScience products can be found at any one of our Toyos Clinic locations. The iScience line was developed by Dr. Melissa Toyos, Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, and chemists who specialize in medical grade skin products. For a free consultation on iScience, non invasive laser procedures, and surgery with Dr. Melissa Toyos call 615-327-4015.

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