Mixto for Men

Melissa Toyos, MD


The statistics are out: the global market for aesthetics has continued its double digit growth. Women have always compromised the largest portion of those seeking aesthetic enhancement but the number of men seeking treatment contine to grow. 

What’s the reason for growth?  There are lots of them: everybody’s taking selfies (and seriously, how can you NOT critique yourself), there are more and more less invasive procedures that can be done with little downtime and a society that is more and more accepting of these types of aesthetic procedures. (Kardashians, anyone?)

But men seeking aesthetic treatments list other reasons as well: men talk more about needing to look their best to compete in the workplace.  They want to look like themselves but less “tired” and less tense.

What are the top 2 procedures that men are most interested in? No surprise, hair loss topped the list and rejuvenating the eye region was number 2.  Men need to know that aesthetic treatments can enhance masculine features (Kybella for jawlines, Botox for reducing tension lines) and not be necessarily feminizing.

One of the best aesthetic enhancements for men is the MIXTO.  It uses light to naturally enhance collagen production within the skin that resists gravity so that skin tightens up naturally. Just one treatment can take off 5-10 years. 

A single MIXTO treatment can remove the sun damage that makes skin look rough, tighten up sagging skin and typically makes patients looks 10-20 pounds thinner by tightening up skin on the side of the face.  Eyes specifically look more open and awake and lines are reduced naturally, without looking “done.”

It’s important to keep the effects going by using top notch products at home TCA Gloss Face(also known as GuyScience at Toyos Clinic) is perfect for guys and anyone else who wants great results fast without a lot of fuss or bother. One pump per day holds 7 strong anti-aging ingredients including vitamin A (retinol), vitamin C  (anti-oxidant) stabilized with ferulic acid, vitamin E, vitamin B3 to rehydrate and calm redness, peptides to brighten and even out skin tone and the star ingredient, anhydrous TCA strong enough to melt away sun damage but safe enough for even sensitive skins to use every day.

At Toyos Clinic, we know the science and surgery of aesthetic enhancements. We invest in the best technologies and perfect their uses. Come see us today to see what we can do for you to help you look and feel your best. Toyos Clinic 615.327.4015.